EMTPWorks 3.5

A feature-rich and powerful graphical user interface
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Capilano Computing Systems Ltd.

EMTPWorks has a 3-Layer design. The lowest is a framework for the actual interface code.
A second layer is added for supporting scripting methods. The third layer is the user or developer access layer.


- Object-oriented design fully compatible with Microsoft Windows
- A powerful and intuitive interface for creating sophisticated Electrical networks
- Drag and drop device selection approach with simple connectivity methods
- Both devices and signals are objects with attributes. A drawing canvas is given the ability to create objects and customized attributes
- Single-phase/three-phase or mixed diagrams are supported
- Advanced features for creating and maintaining very large to extremely large networks
- Large number of subnetwork creation options including automatic subnetwork creation and pin positioning. Unlimited subnetwork nesting level
- Options for creating advanced subnetwork masks
- Multipage design methods
- Library maintenance and device updating methods

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